About Our Company

Agilis Engineering has been founded in 2009 by passionate professionals with a total of over 30 years of experience from the graphite and material technology sector.

As innovation plays a key role in our company, we are engaged in different R&D projects with customers and institutions.

Our company is working according to ISO9001:2012 standards


Heat Treatment HP

High temperature treatment

Heat chamber susceptors, accriers, heating elements, insulation shields and structural elements
CVD reactor

CVD and PVD coating

CVD Reactor elements, diffusion plates, carrier plates and other components
Hot press tool HP

Hot pressing tools

Hot press dies and molds, designed and engineered to best fit
PV and semicon 2 HP

Semicon and PV

Wafer carriers, crucibles, insulation shields and heating elements
Energy HP

Energy storage and generation

Bipolar plates, carrier plates, susceptors, electrodes and other
Other applications

Other applications

Please contact us for any other application and we will help you


engineering HP

Engineering and design

Lifecycle designing, re-engineering, reverse engineering and definition of the best material for the required application


State of the art machining equipment, CNC controlled and state of the art quality control equipment

Repair and reutilisation

Fast track product repair service, re-machining of components and decoating for re-use in process