Depending on the application and the life-cycle requirements of the product, we will propose, engineer and design the best possible solution according to your wishes and priorities. Agilis Engineering only works with high quality materials.

The best possible solutions in regards of quality, price, service and environment are based on:

  • the correct material choice
  • utilisation – and production optimised design
  • engineer and design with the end in mind and considering the whole product life-cycle

We work with state of the art CAD equipment to design your products.

We are able to calculate the life cycle cost of you product so you can take the right decisions right at the beginning.

Based on your drawing, sketch, product sample or problem description, we will analyse, engineer and design the best possible solution interms of quality and total cost.
We are able to :

CAD design
Finite element analysis
Determine the total life cycle cost
Re-engineering of existing product
Reverse engineering from product sample
Choose the right material for the application
Dimensioning and designing of critical parts