We do source our materials exclusively from high quality suppliers. The materials we offer currently and with shortest possible leadtimes are:
– ISO graphite
– Extruded and molded graphite
– Carbon fiber composites
– Foil
– Graphite and carbon insulation felt
– Rigid graphite insulation board
– Pyrographite
Exotic materials can be suppliued on your request (e.g. pyrographite, SiC coated graphite etc)



Our workshop is at the pulse and heart of our service to you. With short set-up times and optimised machining and and a continuous effort to improve these, we are able to offer you the best quality, attractive lead times, flexibility and good value for your money.
Following dimensions can be machined :

– Bandsaw : 3000 x 1000 x 1500
– CNC machining : X650 x Y600 x Z2700
– CNC machining : X1400 x Y700 x Z700 x B300
– CNC turning : OD650 x Z3000

Other finishing and measuring equipment is available to ensure the specified product quality.